What I was worried about with this adaption was that it wouldn’t capture

the mature air of the manga

that plays a big part in why I love it. Lotte no Omocha is cute and fun, but it’s also very intelligent, which is what separates it from expectation.

(Mind you, I don’t make high demands of manga, but I also don’t read anything just for the fanservice. I’ve dropped manga with much more attractive characters and artwork because they were stupid as hell.)

The fascinating aspect of Lotte’s core concept, which is that she needs to start drinking semen in order to survive when she comes of age,

is that it appeals to the sci-fi/fantasy fan that’s been growing inside of me for a while now. I love to think about semi-human beings—I want to see how a slight tweak in the necessities of living will alter the psychology of a humanoid. It’s not Lotte’s fault that she has to drink semen.

The plot doesn’t feel like a forced attempt at a fanservice-driven story. It makes sense to me that this creature exists.

Astarotte/Lotte no Omocha is not a serious story. It doesn’t spend all its time dwelling on sexual psychology. But it doesn’t ignore it, either. The story is meant to be cute, happy fun time with a plethora of beautiful women (please note that while there are a number of lolis, there are plenty of older girls in Lotte’s entourage, and I love all of them), but it’s not stupid. I don’t expect most people to go through the trouble of recognizing this.

If you don’t want to see sexualized ten-year-old girls, then I don’t blame you for avoiding the show entirely. I for one am not bothered by it and am excited to see this kind of story that I enjoy more than any others. I love explorations of adolescent sexual psychology, I love the idea of a main with a daughter, and better yet one he had at a young age. So many elements excite me.

All in all, I’m really excited about this show. I think it’s got something special that will make it memorable and endearing.
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