I usually fap to pictures of the pony I am finishing on. Makes the experience a lot more pleasant, see my cheerliee set.
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My Little Pony fandom has altered the way I think just a bit.

It makes me feel like taking a more friendly voice and outlook in general.

I’ve always been bright and optimistic, but I also have refused to reign myself in and act like I’ve got some class. Something about MLP just makes me want to speak with a little more… I dunno, likeableness.

People respond really well to that stuff (see: why 2DT and ghostlightning are so loved by their readers) and maybe I just want to try a little harder to put smiles on peoples’ faces. But here’s the weird thing: I’ve been acting like that… in the MLP fandom. My posts on the Rainbow Dash Network or my blog Digibrony have avoided the sort of… fucking idiocy that happens on my twitter account. Of course the obvious reason for this is that these people don’t know me, so I’m getting a chance for a fresh first impression. Meanwhile, however, the people on twitter and my blog already know who I am.
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Er…if I saw one in real life it would be hard not to think of her as an animal.

Maybe after a while of knowing her personally, if we both liked each other a lot, I’d be able to look past the fact that I was going to be sticking my dick into a roughly dog-sized horse, but if I were just thrown in a room with a pony I really can’t imagine anything occurring but conversation.

R34 and the sexualization of innocent stimulus is one thing, but if you’re saying, “Which of these little horsegirls would you actually want to fuck,” that puts a different spin on the situation to me.

Anyway, Rarity is Best Pony, so I guess she gets the vote. even though having a relationship with Rarity would probably be one of the worst possible things.
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