The reaction from Japanese fans appears to be “WTF was that?” which is to be expected as the Japanese aren’t into stories with any sort of depth or complexity in the way foreigners are - they had the same reaction to all GITS stuff for instance. (I’m not saying “Evangelion 3.0 was a masterpiece”, just that the Japanese fanbase doesn’t have the same values as the overseas fanbase, especially given how many people have been taking their very young kids to see these films)

Should I be asking if Magical Girls can get pregnant, and if so whether or not their children will spawn as liches?

I shouldn’t, but all this talk has got me curious anyway.

If they wanted to make it officially plausible and also morbid, perhaps the birthing process would require so much energy that their Soul Gems would burn out after giving birth.


I should probably point out that Kizumonogatari is the best piece of vampire fiction I’ve come across, even surpassing Twilight.


I think people are confusing and conflating two different and distinct genres. “Magical Girl” is meant to be like Card Captor Sakura, Sailor Moon, etc and all aimed at girls who just happen to have a vaguely interested periphery demographic in young adult males.

What Nanoha did was to codify a new subgenre of Magical Girl, ie “Magical Girl Warrior”

where it is about exploiting the whole Bad rear end Waif Joss Whedon thing where you have it aimed at males, having emphasis on fight scenes, responsible and intelligent use of powers and a general lack of that annoying angst when what the audience wants is mental maturity to go with their powers and responsibility (and in a pinch, an exploration of the consequences when they don’t such as in Madoka Magica and its deconstruction).

I wouldn’t call or consider it a paradigm shift any more than Moore’s Dark Knight shifted Superhero comics into the dark and gritty and grey deconstruction binge for a few years; it’s a an inherent part of the industry, it’s a cyclical rotation of how they play with the primary backbone tropes of the genre in question. Sure Madoka did something awesome, and it will have its effect on the industry for a while, but we’ll see it shift again probably in a year or two when people get tired of things being overly grimdark (assuming that’s the industry direction).

Pssh. At least the stuff in Bleach is interesting enough to hold my attention for longer than 2 minutes.

EDIT: Besides, everybody knows Ghost in the Shell is just a side thing Shirow Masamune does when he isn’t busy drawing underage tentacle surprise sex porn.