There are no framerate issues. It’s a deliberate choice to simulate the look of traditional 2D animation.

It’s nothing new, really, just watch pretty much any super robot anime with CG mecha and you’ll see. It was this way in the first two Love Plus games and it will be like this in the next twenty they make, no matter what console, unless they decide to go for another style.

Disney stuff is largely really boring (visually speaking) moving storybooks. It’s a complete snooze.

Anime has less frames but it’s what they do with them that makes me prefer anime.

Also this post is really kinda insulting to all the talented and dedicated animators who are/were part of the anime industry. Please retract this post.


is this some kind of new tech or something? the animation is SO beautiful.

there are like 20 more details in one scene alone than any other anime.

i feel like im watching garbage watching an anime right after this one just by the art alone (like mirai nikki). anyway, just wondering if anyone else felt this way :P.

Besides PA Works and Kyoto Animation have totally different outputs.

PA Works go for “Perfect Everything”. Perfect Backgrounds, Perfect Character designs, Perfect animation.

Kyoto Animation goes for the details (which is almost scary to a point) and vibrant character movement.