Let me start off by saying WHAT DID YOU DO TO ARRIETTY’S SONG DURING THE CREDITS YOU BASTARDS. YOU KILLED IT. YOU KILLED THEM ALL. And you even tricked me by starting it off with a beautiful English version of the song. But halfway through they killed it- I was initially confused, but then the autotuned product of Cthulhu began. It’s a good thing there were no kittens nearby because they would now be nothing but exploded viscera lining the walls.

I can only imagine the pure form of evil that dominated the putrid minds of the people responsible for this. Those exploding pustules of human depravity would be thrown in jail if I had my way. They are artistic criminals of the highest order. If I wanted to listen to your latest overproduced tween vomit I would watch the Disney Channel, but I wouldn’t because it would kill me. Drinking turpentine is a healthier hobby.

Source: neogaf.com