I find this difficult to masturbate to.

Not impossible.

Just difficult.

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This is sexist, chauvinistic, stone-age fascism plain and simple. To tell women that they must “cover up” because clearly women can’t control their own indecency smacks of the most fanatic of Muslim nations. I notice no similar rules for men, although even then it would be nothing less than totalitarianism reminiscent of the worst religious regimes.

An absolute disgrace to Japan and the free-thinking world.

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I went to Comiket 79: Day 1: waited 6hours in the cold while crossdressed as Kirino from Oreimo, didn’t really get anything on day 1 Day 2: waited 6hours in the cold with normal clothing, picked up some stuff requested on twitter. Day 3: waited 15hours in the cold, then another 30min after getting inside to get Tinkle’s set. Then I visited Akiba for day 4/5/6 and blew lots and lots of money on stuff that I didn’t get a chance to buy during Comiket.

Will I do it again? Probably not, roughly calculating how much I spent on airfare/lodging/food/doujin/etc (4600 usd) its still more economical to stay at home in LA, and order stuff from auction.

Lesson learned.
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