dude I understand tenchi is like abstonent or wanna wait till he finds tha chick he loves or what ever but that whole telling washu to stop when she was like should i use my mouth or cleavage and he said no….erm that was a bit homo LOL!!!
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To all those who compare kyary with lady gaga &co- the whole concept of kawaii, which kyary represents differes a lot from western pop culture. Lady Gag in fact is the typical western, oversexed, semipornographic, shapeless, aimless, accumulation of “breaches of taboo”.

The japan concept and discourse of kawaii is a real ideal of beauty, that can stand alone for itself without the permanet, vulgar presentation of ones genitals. In fact this is true erotic.

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There are no framerate issues. It’s a deliberate choice to simulate the look of traditional 2D animation.

It’s nothing new, really, just watch pretty much any super robot anime with CG mecha and you’ll see. It was this way in the first two Love Plus games and it will be like this in the next twenty they make, no matter what console, unless they decide to go for another style.
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Yeah, that’s pretty much why I don’t go to anime cons –

I might enjoy it if they were attended by a bunch of reserved, demure intellectuals getting together to help financially support + spread the word about artists who work in an art form they like.

Instead, it’s a fucking circus sideshow, filled with not just with freaks, but with inconsiderate, obnoxious freaks.
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Manga is just a word for Japanese comics not an Artstyle saying it an Artstyle is say that like they all look the same just nuts so this is made in America so it a comic but I guess since the Award was give in Japan counts as a manga over there but not here since we use the we uses the words comics and manga tell where they are for,unlike Japan where they just call everything a manga.
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Sad that people, thinking like you exist, who only wants to destroy/change things outside their understanding. Seriously, no reason for all this hatred towards NK everywhere, be it East or West.

I respect them for being able to follow their way for decades under such a pressure, not collapsing to what’s now considered to be best.

You say people can’t live there?

I say it’s world’s duty to preserve this country the way it is. This is like museum, like world’s national park. Think of it this way - can you live in Yellowstone? I doubt, the conditions are too harsh, but this is not the reason to raze it to the ground to build another block of supermarkets and skyscrapers over it. These conditions make it unique - just like social system in NK makes it the most peculiar country.

The collapse of this system under everyone’s pressure would be a huge loss and a disgrace for the mulicultural world.

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fucking japs ruining mah favorite anime


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Hey, look at this 8-bit bigot over here…

It’s artistically and technically superior to the elementary and rudimentary 16-bit version, which is basically pangs and pongs, which is no where close to the new remix of the theme.

It has that ancient Japanese harmony, almost like listening to a haiku,

yet it resembles his journey to the future to take on his “adversaries.” Just face it Sir Bigot. No one has the patience to listen to your squabble about how “bad” SE has become.
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little girls use boku to sound cute. I think, coming from higurashi where Rika was using boku all the time

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hey guess what… maybe this veteran deserved to get his arms and legs blown off because he invaded a sovereign country that never did anything to us and they murder masses of people with bombs at weddings but Kotaku doesnt feel the need to write articles about civilians who are blown into pieces and then pissed on.

No, Kotaku wants to write sensationalist garbage that beats the war drums and makes us worship these aggressors as if they give us freedom. As if being a killer is something to look up to. Its one thing to investigate and find out if use of force is justified, its another ball game to jump up at a moments notice without knowing the full facts and invade a nation and engage in genocide (1.3 million Iraqi deaths as a result of the “liberation”) They were better off under Sadaam. That post 9/11 mantra about “hating our freedoms” and how these clowns protect us is so tired and played out it makes me literally sick to my stomach. The top generals of the Taliban were flown out of the country in the beginning of the war in the “Air Lift of Evil”

you can go look that up.

You can also look up

Lt. Colonel Anthony Schaffer and Able Danger and W199-eye where President Clinton pulled off members of the FBI from investigating terrorist training in America. If that isnt enough for

you you can look up the fact

that BBC reported that 6 of the hijackers whos photos were put up for the world to see are actually ALIVE and protesting their innocence. If that doesnt cut it,

look up the fact

that up until the day he was allegedly killed by Seal Team 6, bin Laden’s FBI top 10 most wanted listing did NOT list 9/11 as one of the crimes he is wanted for because the FBI did not have enough evidence to connect him to the attack. Rex Tomb, the FBI’s Chief of Investigative Publicity, is reported to have said, “The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Usama Bin Laden’s Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.” No reason to blatantly value the life of a soldier over any other human being and make their suffering seem more important. I do not wish death or injury upon any person but when you step on a warzone with unjust cause this is what happens. And congress STILL hasnt declared war.

I can go on for days

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