I can understand for things like movies because it’s intended for deaf people but for anime that gets released over in the west, I don’t understand why the subs look so bad. Thats one of the reasons why I like fansubs.
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Now I know #TV-Nihon take a lot of flack for leaving too much Japanese in our translations, but remember that this is just another tool in the translator bag and a translation can only be better for having more options.

For me, it’s very important that translations evoke a certain feeling or reaction. I don’t always accomplish that since I make bad decisions or mess up. Y’know, being human is accepting that you’re going to make mistakes or that there’ll be consequences to your decisions that you don’t foresee. But if you guys are still here, then you must have faith in us as translators, so I’ll have faith in you guys to trust our decisions when we explain them.

So here’s why I don’t like “Space is awesome.” It’s basically dumb as a catchphrase. It’s not unique; I’m sure the Video Games is Awesome people have the “X is Awesome” thing covered.

Thus, it’s not very memorable. And it’s not a catchphrase in that it doesn’t work in any other situation that it appears. If we kept the translation consistent, we would have things like “Meteor is awesome!” (True) or “Oosugi is awesome!” (False). The fact that Kitaaa has the dual meaning of “to arrive” and “is awesome” probably meant that we should have left it in Japanese in the first place.

The original reason that I didn’t leave it in Japanese is because Uchuu doesn’t sound cool. It’s weird looking and just isn’t a very fun word.

Translations should be fun. And Kitaaa is fun.

It’s fun to say (especially when it’s done elatedly) and it works with the extra a’s. “Space Kitaaaa!!!” “Cancer Kitaaaa…” that works for me and fits with Gentarou and Yuuki’s personalities. I know it’s a mid-series change and I know that people don’t like change, but I’m hoping this works for you too.
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And this is why I don’t stream. Pirated fansubs are still the only way to truly guarantee I will have a constant, accessible way to watch any anime I desire.
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Also, screw licensed shows. I’m not going to stream or pay for a show I don’t know yet.

Just because those nerds can’t find another job than translating from Japanese to English, they think they can charge money for me watching it? I’d rather watch them untranslated on Japanese television, to be honest. Official subs lack of something anyway, compared to fansubs: The Heart.

It’s called FANsubbing for a reason.

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they suck at English, plain and simple.
edit: also, cultural reason? we use Large size here in America, rarely do you actually have anything KING SIZED unless you go to 7-11
they dont ask you at McDonalds if you want a KING sized drink, they ask you if you want a Large Sized.
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Yap. Working Season 2 is officially dropped now.

Translator quitted on it, after we saw that those cancerous crunchyroll subs are releasing simulcast style. I’d have accepted 1 week after, but instant? Crunchyroll is the cancer that is currently killing fansubbing. At this point we don’t have any plans on doing any current season show. I feel like a jew and Crunchyroll is Hitler, all we now need is that CR is making gas chambers.

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Fansubs are not illegal and torrenting fansubbed material is not illegal either.

On the contrary, many creators in Japan encourage the practice, as it affords a larger group of people accessibility.

They make money on me. All of my anime figurines were purchased either from Tokyo or Hong Kong (PlayAsia, J-List etc.).
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Hi fansubbers

hopefully this is the right forum where I can find some illumination for my dissertation on fansubbing! My question in the dissertation is whether the innovative and creative fansubbing practices can be imported into mainstream subtitling because they are so cool and useful! Could you answer my questions below? some if not all, it would be great!!! its only 6, thank you!!!!!


1) Often fansubs use different colours to identify different speakers.

a) Do you find colours add to the enjoyment of the program?

b) If and when you watch officially subtitled anime versions (using white or yellow subtitles) do you miss coloured fansubs?

c) Would you like to see coloured subtitles in professionally translated anime and other film genres?


2) Sometimes in fansubs Japanese writings are accompanied by the English translation right underneath.

a) Do you like this idea as it helps you to understand the kanji?
b) Do you think it spoils the authenticity of the program and the translation with a subtitle at the bottom of the screen is better?
c) Would you like to see this strategy in professionally translated anime and other film genres?

3) Sometimes subtitles are composed of three or four lines
a) Do you find the three or four lines is too much to read and you miss out on the action?
b) Can you read more than two lines without stopping the video?

c) Would you be happy to see more than two line subtitles in professionally translated anime and other film genre?

4) Fansubs offer translation notes on top of the screen to explain Japanese words, puns or to give other information.

a) Do you find them a useful tool to learn more about Japanese culture and language ?

b) Do you think they are a nuisance because together with the subtitle at the bottom of the screen it is too much information to read?
c) Would you like to see translation notes in professionally translated anime and other film genres?

5) What do you find annoying in officially translated versions of anime in terms of subtitles?

6) Still in terms of of subtitles, what do you miss in officially translated anime that you can only find in fansubs?
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Although I don’t know about the directions at 4:51.

It’s commonly known when you look north in Japan East is to your left. Please don’t try to correct that sentence. It lasts only for a second but I wouldn’t expect a mistake like that.

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