The reaction from Japanese fans appears to be “WTF was that?” which is to be expected as the Japanese aren’t into stories with any sort of depth or complexity in the way foreigners are - they had the same reaction to all GITS stuff for instance. (I’m not saying “Evangelion 3.0 was a masterpiece”, just that the Japanese fanbase doesn’t have the same values as the overseas fanbase, especially given how many people have been taking their very young kids to see these films)

Living under the pale of current health care crisis in the U.S., coupled with collapsed state budgets Kamiyama’s sci-fi paranoia stories about gerontocracies seems relevant far beyond Japan’s shores.

But don’t let all this political talk get you down. Eden of the East and the Ghost in the Shell TV series are well worth your time because of all the sweet CG-laced action scenes.


Pssh. At least the stuff in Bleach is interesting enough to hold my attention for longer than 2 minutes.

EDIT: Besides, everybody knows Ghost in the Shell is just a side thing Shirow Masamune does when he isn’t busy drawing underage tentacle surprise sex porn.