Way more men commit suicide in Japan than women so I can have the chance to save some of the women for myself.

The reaction from Japanese fans appears to be “WTF was that?” which is to be expected as the Japanese aren’t into stories with any sort of depth or complexity in the way foreigners are - they had the same reaction to all GITS stuff for instance. (I’m not saying “Evangelion 3.0 was a masterpiece”, just that the Japanese fanbase doesn’t have the same values as the overseas fanbase, especially given how many people have been taking their very young kids to see these films)

I’ve lived in Japan for awhile now. And although I often go to game centers (To play WMMT4), I find absolutely NO appeal whatsoever to the crane games.

I see my friends, and they all drop 100 yen coins like they’re skittles into these machines. It can cost quite literally, 1500-2000 yen for one of those little action figure things, depending on how lucky you are, that I can buy for 400 yen in a store somewhere else.

Not only is it a waste of money, but it’s a waste of time, and the cute little Japanese girls monitoring the game center will be the first ones to tell you behind closed doors that the crane games are geared to lose (I should know, as I slept with a game center employee awhile back).

I’ve watched my friends go in and out and spend 5000 yen or more on these dumb things. And all they walk out with is a pillow, and a couple small action figures. Maybe it’s just Japanese culture or something, but I don’t get it.

My current girlfriend doesn’t like to even go to game centers, let alone play crane games.

At least with her I feel like I’m dating a grown up.

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OH MY dear Friggin’ Haruhi on a cosmic cracker!! What Madness was that?? Dear Lord WHHHYYY must American’s RUIN EVERYTHING About Anime culture!!

I can see the meme’s on 2 & 4Chan now! - “Maid Cafe in….Detroit??” = YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!!

Just because I can get naked - doesn’t mean I can be “Magic Mike”. If you’re not even going to duplicate the standards of the Japanese Maid Cafe’s DON’T EVEN TRY!!!!

This story is soooo disturbing I must share it with the TRUE Otaku’s of the Japanese way (SankakuComplex, 2chan. 4chan, basically everywhere MOE’ thrives).

So full of “WTF?” - Political Correctness & Maid Cafe’s can not exist in the same Space!! (and I’m not talking about the Dude - women deserve a Butler) SOOOO SOOO Friggin’ WRONG!!!

**don’t Hate! be open minded & accepting of opposing POV’s like MINE, You don’t want to have my civil liberties or feelings violated by selfish elitist Liberals who think only there view of ‘Society’ is valid in the most public of ALL English Anime News forums do you? Just exercising my right to FREE Speech. Remember No one likes a self elected elitist Hater!** Don’t Be that Guy! Cheers!
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Manga is just a word for Japanese comics not an Artstyle saying it an Artstyle is say that like they all look the same just nuts so this is made in America so it a comic but I guess since the Award was give in Japan counts as a manga over there but not here since we use the we uses the words comics and manga tell where they are for,unlike Japan where they just call everything a manga.
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fucking japs ruining mah favorite anime


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Hey, look at this 8-bit bigot over here…

It’s artistically and technically superior to the elementary and rudimentary 16-bit version, which is basically pangs and pongs, which is no where close to the new remix of the theme.

It has that ancient Japanese harmony, almost like listening to a haiku,

yet it resembles his journey to the future to take on his “adversaries.” Just face it Sir Bigot. No one has the patience to listen to your squabble about how “bad” SE has become.
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I am a Christian and I have been called to use Anime as a tool to reach the people of Japan with the Truth of God.

During the summer of 2007, my childhood best friend was visiting from Washington and he introduced me to Naruto. It was bloody, I was watching the climax of the season, but didn’t know it. I got curious about it since my friends talked about it and Bleach and Death Note. Then I saw episode 2 of Code Geass. My imagination rushed with excitement. I had never seen anything like it. I was hooked. I started watching any anime I could find, which wasn’t much.

The next summer I was reading the news paper, when I saw that Japan had the highest suicide rate in the world. Japan was a place I always wanted to go. My Mom had lived there for a time and taught me so much about it. My heart broke.

Then an idea popped in my head. I ran t the computer and search for the number of Christians in Japan. One site said 3%, so I checked another (it must be wrong I thought), the next site said under 1%. So did the next site. And the next site.

Then I heard for the first time an audible voice say, “Go make anime in Japan.”I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say. I told my Mom. She thought I was telling a crazy joke. That night I made a deal with God, “I will go if you make away.”
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