To all those who compare kyary with lady gaga &co- the whole concept of kawaii, which kyary represents differes a lot from western pop culture. Lady Gag in fact is the typical western, oversexed, semipornographic, shapeless, aimless, accumulation of “breaches of taboo”.

The´╗┐ japan concept and discourse of kawaii is a real ideal of beauty, that can stand alone for itself without the permanet, vulgar presentation of ones genitals. In fact this is true erotic.


I have a bit of a strange request.

Can you guys list the most HNNNGH episodes of the main shows people are watching right now (example, episode 11 of Ika Musume for Dat short hair and certain episodes of Ben-TO for Ice witchness) because I dont have al ot of free time lately and I want to indulge in as much cute as possible before I have to go to work Thursday evening.

I will catch up on the shows later but I just want the cute stuff for now.