This app is horrible. I wanted to read the FULL comic Dredd because I saw the trailer at a movie,but instead this app lead me on. This was my first time ever reading a comic (I’m a girl and never thought I would ever read one of these things ^.^) and the experience wasn’t the best.

I think I’ll stick to manga for now on, at least they let you read the full series without making you pay for it.

For anyone who wants to read the comic Dredd, forget about it. It’s hard to find any scans online, and the actual site makes you pay for it.

Jump manga actually allows sites such as Mangafox an Mangareader to actually publish the scans online FOR FREE. It actually helps business.

I read the series D.Gray-man on Mangareader and liked it so much I went out and bought all the books. (there are 23 volumes and they cost at least $10 each, that’s $230!) So in conclusion, if you bought this app to read the comic Dredd, delete it immediately. Your better off reading some other comic or -better yet- switch to manga!

You don’t have to pay for the books if you read the scans online and comics are the American version of Japanese manga that has been around for centuries.

Manga is just a word for Japanese comics not an Artstyle saying it an Artstyle is say that like they all look the same just nuts so this is made in America so it a comic but I guess since the Award was give in Japan counts as a manga over there but not here since we use the we uses the words comics and manga tell where they are for,unlike Japan where they just call everything a manga.

American comics have usually been peppered with western liberalism so it’s no surprise at all. My only surprise is more American comic favorites haven’t been killed off to be replaced with ethnically pleasing poster boys/girls. It’s not easy at this point, but why not create a new product with an original storyline? Then again, if you read what the introduction says, it’s really all about sales. If this was a marketing experiment than expect more “new” products like this to come.

That’s why I read Manga from Japan.


…pirating manga? I never said anything about that -_-… I said “read translated manga ONLINE”

people can easily see the latest chapters of their favorite manga on sites like Mangafox or mangastream ( mangastream being they release chapters really early for only a few major manga series ) .

In all honesty I think you’re fair to say this. To begin with if it wasn’t for the manga scanlation community I wouldn’t have even heard about the earthquake.

And I’m pretty upset cause I want to read my Bakuman.

Naruto could do with a break. It’s being pretty lame. Anyway to answer your question, I believe manga scanlation will be pretty slow over the next month or two at least.

Fucking NAZI! I’m afraid that soon there will be a revolution over there too.

this industry is may not the biggest but the it is more then 5% of overall economy.

will loose japan’s distinct subculture.