It has recently come to my attention that my brother will be hosting a full-blown party at my house. I am a shut-in NEET, so, naturally, this scares the shit out of me.

At this point in time, I am unsure if I’ll be stuck at home while this shitty shindig goes on, or whether my parents will appropriate me so my brother can have full reign. Tell me TC, what should I do? I know a couple of the people that are likely to be there, and they will most assuredly try and pressure me into interaction.

Should I lock my door and refuse to come out? Should I try and mingle with the 3DPD? Maybe I should get smashed and let my state of inebriation take care of the rest?

However, it is also entirely possible that my parents will take me with them, so that broski can have the house to himself. This in itself presents multiple problems.

Should I hide my figs, dakimakura, and various other paraphernalia? Should I lock my door and prohibit entrance? What should I do if that trash finds it, or otherwise enters my room? Oh good lord, what if people fuck on my bed?