Now I know #TV-Nihon take a lot of flack for leaving too much Japanese in our translations, but remember that this is just another tool in the translator bag and a translation can only be better for having more options.

For me, it’s very important that translations evoke a certain feeling or reaction. I don’t always accomplish that since I make bad decisions or mess up. Y’know, being human is accepting that you’re going to make mistakes or that there’ll be consequences to your decisions that you don’t foresee. But if you guys are still here, then you must have faith in us as translators, so I’ll have faith in you guys to trust our decisions when we explain them.

So here’s why I don’t like “Space is awesome.” It’s basically dumb as a catchphrase. It’s not unique; I’m sure the Video Games is Awesome people have the “X is Awesome” thing covered.

Thus, it’s not very memorable. And it’s not a catchphrase in that it doesn’t work in any other situation that it appears. If we kept the translation consistent, we would have things like “Meteor is awesome!” (True) or “Oosugi is awesome!” (False). The fact that Kitaaa has the dual meaning of “to arrive” and “is awesome” probably meant that we should have left it in Japanese in the first place.

The original reason that I didn’t leave it in Japanese is because Uchuu doesn’t sound cool. It’s weird looking and just isn’t a very fun word.

Translations should be fun. And Kitaaa is fun.

It’s fun to say (especially when it’s done elatedly) and it works with the extra a’s. “Space Kitaaaa!!!” “Cancer Kitaaaa…” that works for me and fits with Gentarou and Yuuki’s personalities. I know it’s a mid-series change and I know that people don’t like change, but I’m hoping this works for you too.
they suck at English, plain and simple.
edit: also, cultural reason? we use Large size here in America, rarely do you actually have anything KING SIZED unless you go to 7-11
they dont ask you at McDonalds if you want a KING sized drink, they ask you if you want a Large Sized.
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“Improved translation and localization” Need details on what “improved” means. Has a policy on honorifics and cultural references and name order been announced? I’m only interested if all of those are left intact and unaltered.

Removed honorifics, flipped names, and Americanized cultural references are not valid translation choices in my eyes. Period.


MG posted a screenshot of Go! Go! Nippon! What’s this? Are they trying with all their might to show their customers they can’t even fully translate something so simple? Are they sure it’s really okay to make economy of words? Anyway, unless they need to display the original Japanese text only “because it’s cool” (like Japanese do with Engrish),

I suggest them to remove the Japanese text, if they don’t want people making fun of them for their lack of professionality. However, if they keep the Japanese text, probably I’ll buy it.